What Sets Us Apart

Our Vision

We believe that every patient can achieve optimal dental health and be proud of their smile.

The River Oak Dental Team is committed to providing a comfortable, family environment where our patients can achieve all of their dental health goals. Using a gentle touch, we deliver the highest level of care through incorporation of leading edge technology and clinical techniques.

Our patients value the exceptional care, customer service, and individual attention they receive; accept our guidance in order to achieve optimal health; and recognize our extraordinary care by referring their friends and colleagues.

We consistently exceed expectations through our unwavering commitment to excellence. Every patient is an integral part of our River Oak family.

Care Philosophy Pillars

Superior Services

We are a full-service, family-owned practice that maintains the highest standards of quality and care in all services. Our patients can rely on our team, and our specialist partners, to provide for all of their dental needs, at all stages of life. We strive to create a painless and positive experience for our patients by exceeding their expectations in every aspect of each visit.

Our practice is based on sound business principles. We shall maintain a productive and profitable company and be well compensated for the exceptional service we provide. Profit will be invested so as to insure future practice stability and superiority.

Exceptional Individuals

Our professionals and support staff demonstrate a high level of concern, compassion, care, and respect for each other and for our patients. Teamwork is of the utmost importance. Our team members are excited about coming to work; are motivated to achieve results; possess high standards of quality and integrity; are interested in being long-term contributors to the dental practice; possess a flexible, entrepreneurial spirit; and maintain a cheerful, positive attitude. They realize that to achieve superiority in every area an individual’s responsibility always exceeds their specific job description. Each team member will be an ambassador for our practice.

Our Patient Family

Our patients are committed to excellent oral hygiene, achieving optimal oral health and being proud of their smile. Our patients understand that the treatment we recommend is in their own best interest, they value our expertise in all specialties, and they realize that they bear the ultimate responsibility for their own dental health. In return for our outstanding care and service, they agree to comply with our recommendations, keep their appointments, and meet their financial obligations. A referral of friend or co-worker the highest compliment we can receive.

Business Leadership

We strive to create a family environment where people enjoy coming to work. Management will provide inspiration, encouragement, support, feedback, and leadership to promote growth and long-term commitment from each employee. The staff will be provided with the necessary information to know what is expected of them. However, our standards will always be set high so that our employees strive for new levels of expertise and are encouraged to reach new heights.

We thank you for allowing us to take care of your dental needs and look forward to serving you. Request an appointment at our Palm Bay dental office today!